29 March 08:00 - 18:30Hotel Birger Jarl, Stockholm


John Wallhoff
Event Chairman, B4 Investigate

John Wallhoff (CISA, CISM, CISSP), Co-Founder and Board Member at B4 Investigate and formerly the  President of ISACA Sweden Chapter & independent advisor. He is an experienced expert in the field of IT-Governance, IT Service Management and Information Security. Over the past 25 years he has been working with a wide range of organisations in different industries/sectors.

Mats Persson
IT Security Consultant, Omegapoint

Mats is a security advocate at Omegapoint and he is passionate about secure development, modern ways of working, and security in the cloud. For the past three years he has been team lead for a software security team helping 100+ product teams integrating security in their daily work.

Emilie Alftrén Hasslerud
GRC Advisor, FCG

Conny Larsson
Chairman, Sig Security

Magnus Juvas
CEO, Solidify

MS in Computer Science, Co-founder of Transcendent Group, Co-founder and CEO of Solidify.

Ralph Benton
CISO, Schibsted Media Group

Angelique Dawnbringer
Board Member, ISACA Sweden Chapter

Let me introduce myself, Angelique Dawnbringer is my name and for the past 20 years of my life I've been working as a CIO/CTO, IT consultant and IT specialist. I specialize in cloud architecture, information security and data protection. I have worked in most industries, from building and maintaining datacentres, ISP’s to Banking, Medical, Insurance, HiTech-Physics and Automobile. Privacy and Data Protection or simply security has always been a big interest of mine and bringing awareness to people around the dangers and the potential in creating solutions. Regardless of industry, security is a must have quality aspect which is often overlooked. At this moment, I work as an Information Security Officer for SEB at Group & Tech Level at Group Security & Cyber Defense on Strategic Positioning and Threat Intelligence.Not knowing the balance between risk and opportunity is one of the biggest issues within the industries as such and hopefully, we can make the world a little better by sharing our knowledge and learn something new. I hope to share my insight from working in several industries with you.

Brian O'Toole
Head of Digital Services security center, Ericsson

Ian McShane
VP of Strategy, Arctic Wolf

Ian McShane is the VP of Strategy of Arctic Wolf. Ian has over 20 years experience in cybersecurity and operational IT, with humble beginnings in a tech support call center and live-fire experience leading sysadmin teams for large multi-national organizations. As a former Gartner analyst, Ian has advised the largest and fastestgrowing technology companies in the world as well as tens of thousands of organizations world-wide. He is well known as a trusted advisor and popular commentator in our industry, and prior to joining Arctic Wolf Ian also spent time in various product leadership end executive roles at Symantec, Endgame, Elastic, and CrowdStrike.

Emil Dahlin
CIO, Bravida

Pål Göran Stensson
Cyber Security and Privacy Operations Manager, IKEA Group

Head of Cyber Security, modern, digital leader in a classic space of Security, Privacy, Risk and Compliance. We are constantly in transition and I am energized by leading through change. Eyes on the horizon, hands in the dirt and leading through example.I drive a new agenda where Cyber Security is the enabler of the digital business model. Done right, we promote a dynamic, fast and flexible business where opportunities are found early, successfully converted, developing existing and new revenue to the company while maintaining our core values and principles.Leading self, leading others and leading leaders, building a large organisation delivering on a global scale are my motivators and helps me grow my impact. My work is in developing a vision, a strategy and an approach to deliver with excellence where the work is described by others as quietly brilliant.

Anna Forsebäck
Head of Legal, Hemnet AB

Anna is a Stockholm-based lawyer specialized in tech and privacy: She is currently head of legal matters at Hemnet AB. During here tenure at Schibsted, she was responsible for setting up a centralized, scalable DPO-office for all companies in the Media Division of Schibsted Media - a task that covered some fifty companies in ten European countries. Annas experience includes both external counsel roles and, in-house legal counsel and DPO roles.

Christoffer Karsberg
Coordinator National Cybersecurity Center, MSB

Sofie Donovan
Head of IT Security, Svenska Spel

Martin Bergling
Coordinator of Swedish node for innovation and research in cybersecurity, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Martin is a Senior Security Consultant at NIXU. Martin has a broad security background and has previously worked as Deputy Security Manager at the Central Bank of Sweden and as technical manager at FMV / CSEC, Sweden's certification body for IT security. He has also worked with project management, risk analysis, requirements specification, accreditation and security audits at IBM, the Swedish Armed Forces and Telia. Martin has several certifications, e.g. CISSP, CISA and CRISC, and he is also involved in SIG Security, ISACA and Dataföreningen in Sweden.

Christian Abdelmassih
IT Security Specialist, Swedish Police Authority

Christian works with Enterprise-level Security Architecture and InfoSec-related tasks at the IT Security Division of the Swedish Police Authority. Before focusing on security, he was a Full Stack Developer and DevOps enthusiast. He supports developers in building secure web apps and sysadmins in safer operations. Today, he implements access controls, identity and access management solutions, conduct audits and risk analyses and secures one of the most important organizations in Sweden


Registration and Morning Breakfast

Conference kicks-off with morning breakfast 

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

John Wallhoff, Board member & Co-Founder B4 Investigate

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage – and how it affects us

Key takeaways:

  • Continuously changing threats require new ways for protection
  • How we built a fit for purpose security organization and skillset that complies with business risk appetite

Security in 5G networks: Brian O'Toole Head of Digital Services security center, Ericsson

Cyber Secure Digitalisation, Mats Persson Security Consultant, Omegapoint

Software is at the very heart of digitalisation. But building software that is cybersecure while keeping desired time to market is often seen as impossible. Until now…

Key takeaways:

  • Cybersecurity and digitalisation as a single discipline
  • Cybersecurity begins with well-designed and well-built software
  • Automation is a critical success factor

    Coffee Break & Networking

    “GRC is from Venus, Scaled agile is from Mars" - Top reasons why GRC and scaled agile alignment fail and what to do about it - Emelie Alftrén Hasslerud, GRC Advisor FCG

    As of today, there is a need for two major changes in most large organisations. The first is driven from regulatory demands and a rapidly changing risk landscape including cyber security risks. The second is driven by the digital transformation and the agile ways of working that often comes with it. Many organisations struggle with how to align GRC processes with the agile at scale processes that are introduced to accelerate digital transformation.

    Key takeaways:

    • In this session both Emilie and Magnus will address common challenges and what to do about them. They will discuss this both from the GRC perspective as well as the agile perspective and give you hands on tips and tricks on how to meet each other

    Magnus Juvas, CEO Solidify

    Event Breakout Sessions

    Participate in one of 5 workshops below from our supporting partners that will be showcasing their own solutions at the event in the following areas: OT Security, The Cloud, XDR, IT Security Incident Response, and Zero Trust.

    Qualys' Workshop - Content TBA

    Control and manage supplier risk with less effort, Omegapoint Workshop

    Management and review of suppliers security status requires a lot of effort. In this workshop we will show you how to manage this more efficiently by using a tool based approach with automation.

    Key takeaways:

    • Manage information security with a tool based systematic approach
    • Manage security requirements for suppliers
    • Assess and manage the security status of your suppliers

    Lunch Break & Networking In The Expo Area

    Round Table Discussions

    Round Table Discussions are designed to give event participants an opportunity to exchange ideas and  experiences on some of the hot topics in the security market place in a more intimate setting. The discussions will last for 45 minutes and are open to all participants. Each round table is limited to 8-10 persons including the moderator. Below are a few confirmed topics to be discussed during the conference.

    Round Table Content Coming Soon: Martin Bergling, Coordinator of the Swedish node for innovation and research in cybersecurity, RISE

    Coordinator National Cybersecurity Center, MSB

    Detecting the 1% undetectable threats: Gatewatcher's Round Table Host TBA

    Round Table Discussion Content Coming Soon: Christian Abdelmassih IT Security Specialist, Swedish Police Authority

    Security consideration for building blocks of SaaS, John Wallhoff Round Table Moderator & Co-Founder, B4 Investigate

    The cloud shift is evolving strongly where IaaS, PaaS and SaaS has become delivery models that challenge security professionals to keep up-to-speed with business developers and coders. This SaaS insights round table is about identifying security considerations for some of the building blocks that define a SaaS solution. Building blocks can be a specific technical solution such as “serverless” to activities like “penetration testing”. For you as a Security Professional, you will add your experience and thoughts into this framework of shared knowledge and you will also be able to add building blocks that are missing on the table when we start. We will work together in the whole group as well as in break-out constellations, to be able to capture the individual knowledge and experience and we will wrap-it up at the end of the session.

    The round table is intermediate/advanced level and we recommend that you have experience from SaaS solutions that goes beyond 3rd party audits and certifications that a SaaS provider and its Cloud Providers/Subcontractors provides.

    Where do you draw the line between Cybersecurity, Information Security and IT Security? Conny Larsson Chairman, Sig Security

    Cyber Resillience: Sofie Donovan, Head of IT Security Svenska Spel

    How consumers are exploited by the adtech industry? Round Table Host TBA

    Learn how you are being tracked and profiled on the internet and in the real world for the purpose of showing targeted advertising. 

    Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking

    Keynote Session TBA, Ian McShane VP of Strategy, Arctic Wolf Networks

    How to ensure cybersecurity is considered in the enterprise strategy? Ralph Benton CISO, Schibsted Group

    • How can CIO/CISOs influence enterprise security strategy at board level?

    How to calculate and understand the societal economic cost of IT incidents, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency(MSB) Speaker TBC

    Leadership Panel Debate: Global Impact of Schrems II

    Exploring the  impact of Schrems II 2 years down the road.

    Panelist: Cyber Security and Privacy Operations Manager, IKEA Group

    Panelist: Anna Forsebäck, Head Legal Hemnet AB

    Panelist: Angelique Dawnbringer Board Member, ISACA Sweden Chapter

    Chairman’s Closing Remarks: John Wallhoff Event Chairman, B4 Investigate

    Networking Cocktail Reception

    Event Summary

    Welcome to the 7th edition of the IT Security Insights, a leading peer-to-peer conference bringing together IT security practitioners from across the Nordic market working with information security, OT Security, Cybersecurity, cloud services, IIoT, IT Governance, GDPR to discuss among other things; how to detect and mitigate the rising cases of ransomware and data breaches amongst leading Nordic and global organizations in Sweden. The conference also attracts leading information and cybersecurity service providers that will showcase their own solutions in the exhibition area at the conference.

    With over 34 top Nordic and International speakers the conference will present numerous learning and networking opportunities via: 7 keynote sessions, 5 workshops, 10 round table sessions, a leadership panel debate and much more. The conference is an in-person format and will end with an exclusive networking cocktail reception for all those in attendance.

    Join us for the long awaited onsite experience on 29th of March 2023 at Hotel Birger Jarl in Stockholm, Sweden!

    Hotel Birger Jarl

    Hotel Birger Jarl is probably Stockholm city’s most personal business and conference hotel. Step into the welcoming lobby and be greeted with timeless Scandinavian design that is colourful, light, open, and airy. The hotel offers modern conference facilities for up to 550 persons, featuring plenty of rooms for inspiring meetings as well as pleasant relaxation. Staying at the hotel guarantees you a warm welcome with personal care, comfortable beds, and delicious meals. Hotel Birger Jarl is named after the founder of Stockholm, and our feet are firmly planted in our national heritage. When you visit the hotel, you will notice at once that there is combination of these traditions with innovative thinking and considerate service, as well as the best that contemporary design has to offer. This central hotel showcases 271 rooms and among them you find a unique design of rooms decorated by well-known Swedish interior architects and designers.

    Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 61A, 113 56 Stockholm, Sweden.
    Venue website: http://www.birgerjarl.se/en/in...


    By Subway from T- Centralen:

    • Take the green line with train no.s: 17, 18 & 19 on the subway from Stockholm Central
    towards any of the following destinations: Odenplan, Alvik, Åkeshov, Råcksta, Vällingby
    and Hässelby Strand.
    • Get off at Rådsmangatan and exit towards the side heading to Sveavägen (checkout attached photo) - approx travel time 3 minutes.
    • From the Subway station it takes 3 minutes to the venue, Hotel Birger Jarl. Use Google Maps and you will be there in no time. There is a subway going every 5 minutes.

    By car

    Birger Jarlsgatan 61A,
    113 56 Stockholm, Sweden.

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